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Reliable and Professional Security Consulting Services

Your trusted partner in security assessments using CPTED strategies, as well as specializing in active shooter response and de-escalation tactics to ensure a safer future.



Who We Are

Blue River Security Consulting was established in 2022 by Herbie Epstein, a former Israeli soldier and police officer. Blue River Security Consulting is a full service security consulting firm with a primary mission of enhancing the safety and security of various environments. Our expertise lies in security assessments that employ the industry recognized Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Additionally, we excel in both active shooter response and the implementation of de-escalation tactics.

Services Provided

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is a proactive philosophy that is based on the belief that criminal behavior can be reduced by influencing the physical environment. CPTED uses strategies such as natural surveillance, natural access control, territorial reinforcement, and maintenance to deter crime and promote safety.

Natural Surveillance

A design strategy to keep intruders under observation. The goal of natural surveillance is to provide an environment with physical features and activities that encourages people to see and be seen, making it less likely for criminals to commit crimes.

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Natural Access Control

A strategy that employs design features to deny easy access to targets and reduce escape opportunities for offenders, while guiding legitimate users through the environment.

Territorial Reinforcement

A strategy that involves designing the environment in a way that defines and reinforces a sense of ownership and territoriality. The boundaries of the property are clearly communicated with the use of signage, landscaping and architecture.


Ensures that spaces are well maintained to sustain a sense of ownership and deter criminal activity.


CPTED Services Offered by Blue River Security Consulting

Construction Design Review

Our team conducts detailed reviews of site blueprints and sketches to determine the successful application of CPTED principles. Recommendations are made to ensure that the design promotes desirable behavior and reduces the likelihood of criminal actions.

CPTED Principle Integration

We collaborate with design and architectural professionals to infuse CPTED principles into projects of various sizes, tailoring them to site-specific needs and usage.

Security Assessment

Our experts evaluate existing properties and developments to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that could be improved through the introduction of CPTED strategies. Subsequent to our assessment, we offer personalized suggestions aimed at promoting positive conduct and deterring potential crime.

Additional Services

Active Shooter Training for Civilians

In the face of increasing active shooter incidents, essential training for civilians is necessary to prepare for such events. The three critical decision points of run, hide and fight, along with basic medical skills, such as applying direct pressure and the proper use of a tourniquet provide the necessary tools to help survive an active attack.


Realistic De-Escalation

Educating both police officers and civilians on effective strategies to diffuse potentially violent confrontations is crucial. By providing them with the necessary knowledge and tactics, individuals can accurately assess situations and resolve them without resorting to confrontation. This approach focuses on achieving voluntary compliance when possible.

About The Founder

Founder Herbie Epstein served as a police officer, beginning in 2015, with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. and subsequently with the Arlington County Police Department.  Herbie was certified as a crisis intervention officer and served on the civil disturbance units for both departments. On January 6, 2021, Herbie responded to the U.S. Capitol as a member of ACPD’s civil disturbance unit. Herbie received the Ribbon of Valor along with his unit for their actions taken at the U.S. Capitol. Prior to his law enforcement career, Herbie served in the Israel Defense Forces as a sharpshooter in the Nahal Infantry Brigade.  He was honorably discharged after completion of his service, earning the rank of sergeant.

Herbie holds a Master’s Degree in Counterterrorism and Homeland Security from Reichman University in Israel.  He is a CPTED practitioner and has been certified to instruct de-escalation tactics, active shooter training, tactical emergency casualty care, and stop the bleed.


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